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The work of EcoChange is divided into nine “activities”. The main scientific work is done within Activity 1 to 6. Activities 7 to 9 complement the project by providing dissemination, training and management.


  • Activity 1: Assembling available data and complementary sampling (read more)
  • Activity 2: New DNA-based paleo data (read more)
  • Activity 3: New DNA-based dispersion data (read more)
  • Activity 4: Niche and community stability (read more)
  • Activity 5: Improved modelling and uncertainty assessment (read more)
  • Activity 6: Integration, projections, conservation and ecosystem services (read more)


The diagram below shows the workflow of the six core EcoChange-activities, with the central role of activity 6.





  • Activity 7: scientific and non-scientific dissemination of results (read more)
  • Activity 8: training of (young) researchers (read more)
  • Activity 9: Project management
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