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Project objectives

Ecochange project follows 5 approaches :

  • Improve the current data structure with respect to biodiversity, climate, land use, land structural and socio-economic information.
  • Improve current models and test critical model assumptions to cope with the required forecasting.
  • Integrate prediction uncertainties into forecasting.
  • Test a series of assumptions relevant for predicting the effects of global change upon biodiversity, ecosystems and relevant goods and services.
  • Develop a series of future projections of biodiversity, ecosystem functions and the goods and services they provide based on coupled climate and land use and socio-economic change scenarios both at EU and case study scales.

Final goal of the project is to provide data, scenarios and associated confidence limits so that policy markers and land managers can use them for anticipating societal problems and for designing sustainable conservation strategies by accounting the most likely global change effects on biodiversity and ecosystems.

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