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Task 2.2.1. Permafrost sampling in the Arctic

Task lead: CR05 UKBH Prof. DSc Eske Willerslev, Centre for Ancient Genetics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Permafrost sampling using a proven technique developed by CR05 took place in Arctic regions including the Yukon Territory (Northern Canada), Taimyr, lower Kolyma, and Chukotka (North Eastern Siberia), and Svalbard. This has generated samples of material dating from the late Holocene (last several thousand years) to the mid-Pleistocene (older than 50,000 years). An Ecochange team collected ~140 samples from Duvanny Yar in the lower Kolyma region of NE Siberia in 2009; these span recent to >125,000 years in age. Further samples were collected from localities in Svabard; these represent the Holocene (<10,000 yrs old).  Other samples were collected by CR05 personnel prior to the start of the Ecochange project.  In total the collection includes over 800 samples , over 400 of which have been dated using various radiometric dating techniques and numerical age models.  These samples are the basis for DNA-based analyses of plant community composition over time.

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