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Task 3.1.3. Protocols

Task lead: Prof. Jerome Goudet, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Using simulated datasets, we evaluated the performance of the spatial assignment method developed under task T03.01.01. We investigated how dispersal distance estimates were affected by numbers of sampling locations and marker loci as well as sample sizes. We also evaluated the effects of uniform, random and stratified sampling schemes. The simulations were spatially realistic and used maps of three sampling areas: the Swiss Alps, the Eastern Alps and the Carpathians. The study revealed that a large number of loci and a large sampling effort consisting of many populations and many individuals were needed to obtain reliable estimates. Therefore the number of species to be sampled was reduced to two, Arabis alpina and Dryas octopetala. We produced maps indicating the locations for the sampling of the two species that were retained for estimating long-distance dispersal.


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