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Task 3.2.1. Sampling of two key plant species

Task lead: Dr. Mihai Puscas, Institutul de Cercetari Biologice Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tissue samples for DNA analyses were obtained in three sampling areas: Swuiss Alps, Eastern Alps and the Carpathians. A dense and regular sampling coverage was achieved in the Eastern Alps study site with 50 Arabis alpina (Aal) and 51 Dryas octopetala (Doc) population samples. In the South-Eastern Carpathians study site the distribution of high-mountain plants is more discontinuous but virtually all potential areas were sampled, with 31 Aal and 26 Doc populations. Additional populations were sampled in the Western Carpathians ( 17 Aal and 16 Doc) providing a full coverage of the Carpathians. An additional study site in the Swiss Alps was very well sampled but only for Dryas octopetala  (20 populations) since Aal was absent.

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