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Task 3.2.3. Data interpretation

Task lead: Prof. Oscar E. Gaggiotti, Laboratoire d'Ecologie Alpine, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Grenoble, France

Using the method developed under T03.01.01 and the data generated under T03.02.0.2 we obtained estimates of long-distance dispersal for two alpine plant species, Arabis alpina and Dryas octopetala. More precisely, we fitted an Exponential-Power dispersal kernel to estimates of dispersal distances based on AFLP data and a spatial assignment test method. We restricted the analysis to the samples from the Eastern Alps because we had very detailed information about the occurrence of the species in this region, which was also the most thoroughly sampled. The results indicate that both species can disperse very long distances. Additionally, and as expected from morphological and seed dispersal traits, Dryas octopetala has much better dispersal abilities than Arabis alpina. Further analyses of these data sets aimed at further characterising the effect of environmental and genetic factors on their dispersal patterns is ongoing.

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